Vormenfabriek tilburg located in Tilburg, the Netherlands is specialized in the development, production and worldwide sales of polycarbonate injection moulds, thermoformed spinning moulds and silicone rubber moulds to the chocolate and confectionery industries.

Vormenfabriek tilburg manufactures a wide range of moulds for use on every large automatic moulding line to small semi automatic or hand operation. With our state of the art injection presses we produce moulds suitable for any moulding plant.

Vormenfabriek tilburg is also your ideal partner for your design work. We take into account technical demands of the production process of the chocolate mould and the chocolate product.
We will translate your idea into the perfect mould!

Established in 1921, we are producing chocolate moulds for almost 100 years and have therefore an extensive knowledge and experience in the complete production process. From cavity design, mould construction, tooling ultimately to the mould production. We are supported in our worldwide sales by a successful agent network that is always at your service.

This all to help you….. make your chocolate product your commercial success.

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