At Vormenfabriek Tilburg we are committed to producing great chocolate moulds. These are the shared company values, behaviors and principles that we follow in providing high quality moulds to our customers.


We put time and energy into the understanding of our customers' needs, desires or challenges. We are flexible enough to adjust to any customer or market situation. Transparency, honesty and reliance are the key elements to our success.


We show respect for and value all individuals for their background, experience, lifestyle, approaches, ideas, religion and race. We demonstrate a commitment to integrity and ethics with a positive intent, and we listen to others for understanding, explanation, feedback or advice.


Rather than making excuses or placing the blame, focus on finding solutions and achieving them. We keep commitments and promises to anyone and support decisions once they are made. We accept accountability for our actions and results, while developing a team spirit. We promote and implement creative and innovative ideas and protect the company’s reputation.

Put into practice

We admit mistakes and learn from them. If necessary, we break down internal barriers and avoid hidden agendas. We work as a team and create a “yes we can“ attitude. We communicate openly with team members about their short comings and their assets.

We make the “don’t shoot the messenger” calls. We stop activities that slow us down or have no added values. We assist colleagues in need and achieve results to optimize the quality and service to our customers.

Code of conduct

At Vormenfabriek Tilburg we conduct business with integrity. By acting in accordance with our Code of Conduct, we earn the trust and respect of each other, our customers and our business partners.

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