Thermoformed moulds can be produced in the dimensions and mould designs according to your production method and equipment. The durable polycarbonate sheet which is used for the thermoforming process, has a high impact strength and excellent crack propagation resistance.

Our thermoform press has a unique thermoforming technology which enables us to identify every single detail in the mould and will therefore copy this into your chocolate bunny, egg or any other hollow figure.

All the spinning and double moulds are provided with very powerful and fully enclosed magnets. To make the moulds absolutely leakage proof, each cavity has a well designed raised sealing rim.

The range of polycarbonate thermoformed moulds covers one-shot deposit moulds, spinning moulds, trays and single sheets (from 0.75 to 3mm). For the best operation magnets, positioning pins, and corrosion free metal foot (when needed) are included. For different production methods we have polycarbonate sheets in various thicknesses.

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