The silicone rubber moulds are used for the production of certain toffee, caramel, fondant, hard boiled candy and other more or less sticky products. The flexibility of the material ensures that nearly every product can be demoulded. The silicone rubber moulds are produced in accordance with your production method and equipment. The basis of the mould is a corrosion free metal frame that will be fully covered with silicone rubber.

Our silicone rubber moulds are produced using the vulcanization technique. This process together with a good quality rubber makes the moulds durable, flexible and strong. The moulds can be produced using metal, aluminium or polycarbonate frames. The size can vary from 175 x 135 mm up to 800 x 400 mm.

The silicone rubber moulds have been formulated to meet applicable food contact regulations and recommendations. The silicone rubber can hold temperatures between minus 50 and plus 180 degrees Celsius.

By adjusting the tool part we can vary the wall thickness depending on your product requirements, which makes the cavity either more flexible or more rigid. Different scales of hardness (shore) of the silicone rubber can be applied to get the best results for your products.

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