Vormenfabriek tilburg manufactures a wide range of polycarbonate moulds, for use on very large automatic chocolate moulding lines down to small semi-automatic or hand operations.

The moulds are produced by injection moulding machines with clamping forces ranging between 800 – 2500 tons, to ensure that the moulds are made with the minimum level of internal stress.  All moulds are manufactured from a food approved polycarbonate and guarantee excellent demoulding and high-gloss finish to the chocolate product. The injection moulds are available in sizes ranging from 275 x 135 mm up to a length of 2000 mm.

The range of our moulds comprises single and double moulds, cold stamp/frozen cone and skeletonized moulds, coating pans, demoulding plaques, transport frames and special starch trays. In total there are more than 625 standard mould dimensions and constructions available. This also includes our unique strong rounded mould construction (no chipping).
In addition we can execute the moulds in 12 standard colours with options like laser engraving, RFID chip, retractable centering pins, and ultrasonically welded magnets.

Our moulds are available in three different materials: standard polycarbonate, Vofalon (customer preferred choice, for higher impact strength and improved chemical resistance) and EXL (best demoulding capabilities).

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