We can make our injection moulds in different kinds of materials. This ensures that you will find the fitting material for your product, especially when it requires specific needs.


Polycarbonate (Bayer Makrolon 2856 or equivalent) has been the industry standard for years because it has high toughness a gloss appearance and thermal stability.

Sabic Lexan EXL is a copolymer of polycarbonate and siloxane. The biggest benefit for the chocolate industry is the much better demoulding of the chocolate with this material.

Vofalon® has a better impact strength compared to the standard polycarbonate. Moulds made from Vofalon® are tougher and can withstand higher forces (hammering, line issues). Vofalon® also has the characteristic to resist the negative influences of the washing process better, and it will take a lot more washing cycles to make the moulds brittle.





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